Welcome to Teaching Text Analysis with Constellate, a course for Constellate Beta participants. The site has three main purposes:

  1. To help train teachers in text analysis

  2. To share computational text analysis lessons in an Open Educational Directory

  3. To serve as a template for your own teacher workshops and courses

If you are completely new to teaching text analysis, we recommend you join our free one-month courses taught by Dr. Nathan Kelber of JSTOR Labs. Find out more by joining our email list.


All of the teaching materials on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons BY license. You are free to share and adapt the materials for your own teaching so long as credit is given to the creators, the material is labeled with a CC BY License, and indicate if changes were made.

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Open Educational Resources: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute

This website has been written as a template ready for adoption by other teachers. Create your own workshop or course from this template.

Five Rs of OER

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Teaching materials are available in a public GitHub Repo. Users have the right to make copies and keep them.


All lessons can be re-used without need for changes.


Lessons can be adjusted modified, and altered so long as credit is given to the original creators.


Lessons can be combined with other materials to make new lessons.


Users are free to redistribute materials in original, revised, and/or remixed form so long as credit is givent to the original creators.

Citing the original creators

This [site, lesson] is a [Reused, Revised, Remixed] version of Teaching Text Analysis with Constellate, a Jupyter Book CC BY, Nathan Kelber and Ted Lawless for Constellate.