Add my lesson to the directory

GitHub recommended, not required

Suggesting a lesson with these directions requires a GitHub Account. If you would like to add a lesson from another site (e.g. GitLab, Bitbucket), send an email to Nathan Kelber ( with a link to your public repository . We only accept lessons that are licensed for re-use by teachers and researchers.

Lesson Metadata

Before submitting, make sure to add a title and metadata to the top of your lesson. For items that are not relevant or there is no answer, we recommend putting “None”.

Sample markdown for adding metadata to your lesson:

# Title of your lesson

**Description:** This lesson introduces a few key concepts in text analysis such as one, two, and three.

**Use Case:** For Learners (Additional explanation, not ideal for researchers)

**Difficulty:** Beginner

**Completion time:** 15 minutes

**Knowledge Required:** None

**Knowledge Recommended:** None

**Data Format:** None

**Libraries Used:**
* pandas
* nltk
* numpy

**Research Pipeline:**
1. Use another notebook first
2. Some other notebook next
3. Finally, run this notebook

In the root directory of your repository, be sure to include any required libraries in a requirements.txt file.

Adding your notebook

  1. Navigate to the lesson directory page.

  2. Hover over the GitHub logo, also known as Octocat. Choose “open issue”. (Choosing “suggest edit” could also work if you have not already forked the repository. We do not recommend this solution since it is not possible to fork a project twice in GitHub.)

  3. In your issue, include the following:

Your Name:
Lesson Name:
Repository Location:
Lesson Category: (Where should we put your lesson?)
Why to include: (Why should we add the lesson?)

We will review your issue and include your lesson, if possible. If we find issues, we may request changes that improve the lesson before acceptance such as the metadata, writing clarity, coding mistakes, and/or other execution problems.